Competing at regattas

1 Regatta Entries

• All regatta entries will be made via request with permission of Captain, via Rowing Manager, generally 10 days before regatta (Wed one week before).

• Regatta details, race schedules, and seat fees are advised at

• Bills for adult seat fees, towing charges and any RV crew-incurred fines will be billed by the Treasurer to each entrant for payment after each regatta.

• Blades Sports Coaching will be responsible for collection of Junior & Schools rower regatta fees.

• All Rowers are responsible for prompt payment of their regatta dues.

2. Attending Regattas

• For all regattas where trailer transport is required, each rower will be levied a $15 towing fee.

• All regatta entrants are responsible for the trailer loading and unloading of their own regatta equipment

• Regatta attendees are expected to assist from time to time in fulfilling any RV delegated regatta BRO duties.

• Rowers are responsible for crew punctuality to race start and any crew race changes or scratching – to avoid crew fines being levied by RV.

3. Crew selection

• There will be some level of self selection of crews based upon squad crew training schedules

• Each squad should attempt to accommodate all willing regatta participants with the opportunity to compete in regattas. The Rowing Development Committee will explore additional cross-squad race options mixing crews and combinations as appropriate for grade level and masters competition - broadening participation.

 4. Club uniforms & race kit

• Available for online purchase through Club Kit store . Make sure you get any club kit orders in, well-in-advance of your upcoming regatta