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2nd OCTOBER 2019

HRC Rowing Development Training Squad

Message to all adult members about competing for HRC in upcoming regattas.

With daylight savings beginning this Sunday, and the warmer weather, it’s time to get rowing. There are two regattas in October that HRC is attending and we want to see solid HRC participation ; <Bendigo on October 19th>, and the <Head of the Goulburn on 26th October>. RV regattas have entries across a wide range of categories, ages and ability so there’s opportunity for all to be involved.

In a bid to encourage members to pop on some HRC colours and to have a go at racing, we are trialling a series of rowing development training squad sessions over the coming two weeks. The format is that all club members interested in competing in up-coming regattas are invited to attend at least one session per week where we will pull together crews from those who turn up.

Rowing development committee members and Luciano as our Development Coach will be in attendance to put you together in assorted crews, provide some coaching oversight, assess possible crew combinations with the ultimate aim of getting you all involved in attending some regattas. I promise no ergos, just on water training sessions within an adult rowing squad.

To accommodate both morning & evening preferences for rowing, we will provide three session times over the next two weeks. You can come to as many as you like, but at least come to one!

Wednesday 5.45 am – 7.45 am (9th + 18th October),

Thursday 5.45 pm – 7.45 pm (10th + 17th October),

Sunday 7.00 am – 9.00 am  (13th + 20th October).

The club is paying for Luciano’s oversight as Rowing Development coach with 6 hours a week of his time to facilitate these sessions. Captain and Vice Captain will also get involved in coaching, coxing or whatever is needed, to get our Hawthorn members competition ready.

Finally if you need some rowing gear to look the part just go to the <online shop> .

See you on the water,


HRC Captain

HRC Rowing News 2019 Edition 2

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Season 2019/20 Regatta - 2

Season 2019/20 Regatta - 2

Regatta News - September

Hawthorn was represented by 7 crews at the recent Head of the Barwon; 2 singles , 3 quads, a mixed double and composite quad was our compliment of crews. Congratulations to Josie Bant who took out the female masters single and Vic Sibilin and daughter siblings, who in a Mercantile composite crew, took out the Mixed Open Quad. Full results <Here>

Next weekend, 5th October 11 Hawthorn members are rowing and charity fund raising in the Flying Doctors’ Rowathon on the Murray Darling over 75 kms. If you wish to support their fund-raising efforts go to this <LINK>

Upcoming Regattas - October 19th

Next regatta for Hawthorn is the Bendigo Sprints Regatta on Saturday October 19th. The 480 metre sprint course on the picturesque Lake Weeroona is a great one for beginners to get a taste of competitive rowing. I’m looking for a big turnout for Hawthorn. There are events across all boat classes. For event details click <HERE>.

Participation interest please <EMAIL> Captain by Thursday 10/10th. Entries closes on 14/10.

Head of The Goulburn - October 26th

“Wine down” after a 7.2 km head race. Don’t miss an opportunity to be part of this great head race which has entry across a large range of boat classes. Once again we looking for strong Hawthorn participation. <Event details are HERE>.

If you want to put together a crew or are looking for one <Email the Captain> We are putting in our entries by Thursday 17th October so please advise Captain of your interest before this date.


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Saturday 30th November 2019 - All hands on deck!

Saturday 30th November 2019 - All hands on deck!

2019 Head of the Yarra - Entries Closed!

The entry cap of 270 crews has been reached 75 days prior to race start with interest in our club’s showcase event making it the most sought after on the annual rowing calendar.

Our first media release gives details on race entries and some key points of interest which club members may like to share with friends. It is available <HERE> .

A reminder once again to all HRC members of our collective obligation to assist in the running of the club’s fundraiser which keeps our fees low, funds our fleet and club activities. If you haven’t yet got a role for the day contact Penny Vogan to discuss how you can assist

Fleet Access - Guidelines

Booking for HRC equipment is made via the boat booking system. Details on fleet access are available on website <HERE>

Over the next week details on fleet usage rules will be posted around the sheds and all equipment will be marked.

All HRC boats and oars are designated as either green or red. (Note, the previous amber category has been revised to green giving members broader equipment access). All paid up club members have rights to access and book green fleet (about 70 % of club inventory).

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Boats and oars designated as red are part of the competitive race fleet. This equipment is allocated to crews competing or training to compete for HRC. Access to this part of fleet requires permission <Details Here>

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HRC Rowing News 2019 Edition 1

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Season 2019/20 Regatta - 1

Season 2019/20 Regatta - 1


Hawthorn was represented with 13 Quads at this weekend’s Saltwater Challenge. A great start to the 2019/20 season.

Fastest Hawthorn Quad over the course was the Open Male Youth quad in a time of 16.18 min, followed by the Male D Masters Quad in 17.28 min, and the Boys School Open Div 2 Quad in 18.12 min.

For the Female’s, Josie Bant’s Open composite quad was fastest in 18.27min. The Female Open Div 1 Girls did 19.22 a fraction ahead of Female Open Div 2 girls at 19.23 over the 4.5km course. Full regatta results by race are <HERE> 

<Crew Photos HERE>

Upcoming Regattas

Next regatta for Hawthorn is the Head of the Barwon on Saturday September 21st. It’s a 4.5km Head race in two brackets. Bracket 1 for small boats, Singles and Doubles, Bracket 2 for Quads fours & Eights. Event & entry details are <HERE>

Participation interest please <EMAIL> Captain by this Thursday September 11, entries close on 16 September.

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Saturday 30th November 2019 - All hands on deck!

Saturday 30th November 2019 - All hands on deck!

2019 Head of the Yarra

Entries have been very strong with less than 60 places left to fill. Entries likely to be closed before end of September.

Bendigo Bank has returned as a sponsor this year providing us with some additional funding out of their Community Grants budget.

All members are reminded membership comes with an obligation to assist in executing the club’s fundraiser which keeps our fees low, funds our fleet and club activities. If you haven’t yet got a role for the day contact Penny Vogan to discuss how you can assist


Australian rowers have had remarkable success with 10 boats qualified for the Tokyo Olympic games in 2020 at the recent world championships. <Read More>

Re-watch races and catch up on the results at  https://www.eurovisionsports.tv/fisa/