The boat booking system is free software that has been set up to allow you to book a boat before you get to the club.

Need your login information sent to you? Have any comments on how we might improve the system? Please send an email to

Need access to a boat? Complete the following webform to make your request: 

Log in

Go to

Enter your ‘user name’ or email address and your password to login. If you don't have this information, please email

You can add a ‘user name’ which can be shorter, and quicker, than your email address for logging in. You should change your password the first time you login. It’s under Menu, My Account.


See the Help menu in the top right corner of the screen after you have logged in. You should open at the Schedule page, and see the list of the boats by date. If not, you move to this page by selecting Schedule in the menu row, near the top left of the screen.  You can also change the view within Schedule by selecting from the icon options in the top left of the screen, just below the menu row.

You can also download notes for Users and Administrators.

Making a booking

Scroll down to the date you want to row.

Find the boat your wish to book. 

You can access boats that you have been authorised to use in line with the Club’s Boat Usage Policy i.e. The Traffic Light System: Red, Amber and Green, which can be found at under “Boat Usage and Colour Coding”. If you would like to request access to Red or Amber equipment, please complete the following webform: 

To filter for the boat you want, use the top left of the schedule page. There are a few filters set up. If you have suggestions on others please let the Captain know.

Select the time you want with your cursor/pointer and click. Note: Bookings cannot be made more than 28 days in advance.

The legend at the top shows availability types.

A page headed "Create a new reservation" will appear.

Add your Begin and End times.

Multi session booking can be made by selecting repeat.

Note: You may find restrictions on what and when you can book.  Boats allocated as Red or Amber are available to those members with the appropriate permission under the HRC Boat Allocation Policy. If you would like to request access to Red or Amber equipment, please complete the following webform: